Wreaths Across America

Remember, Honor, Teach

What Is WAA?

From an early age, Morrill Worchester had respected veterans and later in life he credited their values and sacrifices to his success as a businessman. In 1992, Worcester Wreath Company of Harrington, Maine found themselves with an excess of wreaths nearing the end of the holiday season. Seeing an opportunity to make a boyhood dream a reality, efforts to do something special with those wreaths began in earnest. With the help of Maine Senator Olympia Snowe and the Maine State Society of DC, arrangements were made for the wreaths to be placed at Arlington. Again an impression was made and he vowed to bring the wreaths every year. In 2006, in response to thousands of e-mails and letters, Worcester Wreath expanded its wreath donations nationwide. With the help of the Civil Air Patrol and many others, ceremonies were held simultaneously at 230 locations. From the snow banks of Alaska to the sands of Iraq our Nation’s heroes were honored. From here Wreaths Across America™ was born. In 2014, with the help of thousands of individual and, corporate sponsors and volunteers, over 700,000 wreaths were donated and placed at over 1000 participating locations.

Wreaths Across America hopes that one day every veteran’s resting place will be adorned with a wreath. We need your help to make this a reality.

How Can I Support WAA?

The Thunderbolt Squadron is seeking sponsorships for wreaths that will be placed on veterans graves during a nationwide remembrance ceremony at Pecan Grove Cemetery. By donating just $15 per a wreath you are honoring a veteran and their family, while also helping support a volunteer organization that provides critical emergency relief. NOTE: The Thunderbolt Squadron is willing to place wreaths on specific graves located in the Pecan Grove Cemetery. To have a wreath placed on a specific grave, please contact us at squadron295@gmail.com

Feeling Generous?