U.S. Air Force ROTC Recruiters visit TX-295 Thunderbolt composite squadron.

C/SSgt Austin Coventon - Sept 11, 2016

On the evening of September 11, 2016, during the weekly meeting of TX-295 Thunderbolt composite squadron, two U.S. Air Force ROTC recruiters visited. Their purpose: to obtain possible new recruits for the ROTC program. The recruiters, 2nd Lieutenant Jennifer Blanton and Staff Sergeant Daniel Brown, held a class for approximately one and a half hours. The class was split into three main briefings: A picture of the Air Force ROTC experience, program entrance requirements, and a picture of a military career. The first two briefings involved 2nd Lieutenant Blanton talking, and Staff Sergeant Brown manning the computer with their Powerpoint. Then they switched jobs for the third session. In her first briefing, 2nd Lieutenant Blanton, a Gold Bar Recruiter of Detachment 35 of the Air Force, discussed the several fitness and health requirements of the Air Force ROTC, along with other entrance requirements. In addition, she shared about the structure of the Air Force Academy, some of their activities, scholarship opportunities, and that they are building programs for technical and foreign language degrees. She also discussed the benefits of participation in the Air Force ROTC can assist with your career in the Air Force Academy.

In the second briefing, 2nd Lieutenant Jennifer Blanton discussed more specifics on the topic of entrance requirements, including the importance of high school achievements and high grades in getting into the Air Force Academy. She also discussed the requirements necessary to obtain Air Force Academy scholarships.

For the third and final briefing, Staff Sergeant Daniel Brown took to the stage and discussed, in a shorter briefing, the strictness of the Air Force Academy. He put emphasis on how everything you do matters. He pointed out that the military has many rules and regulations to be observed, and that any military career is a very serious endeavor. He made special emphasis that his information was not just about the Air Force Academy, but the military in general. At the end of the three briefings, small cards were handed out, allowing the cadets to submit their information to the recruiters for future contact about the ROTC program. The briefings as a whole were highly informative. This will provide a great chance for the cadets to take strides toward their goals in the military.