Thunderbolt Cadet graduates Army Basic Training

C/1st Lt Brandon McVean - June 11,2016

FORT SILL, OK -On Friday, hundreds gathered at Fort Sill, OK to congratulate their son, daughter, friend, or family member, and observe their formal transition from civilian to American Soldier. The men and women of A Battery, 1st Battalion, 40th Field Artillery Regiment completed US Army Basic Combat Training (BCT) on June 10th. Among the 140 graduating Soldiers of A Battery is Private Trevor Frye, a former CAP Cadet from Texas Wing, Thunderbolt Composite Squadron.

PVT Frye had been a member of the Civil Air Patrol for more than two years, leaving the program as a Cadet Chief Master Sergeant. Among other notable CAP achievements, he served as Thunderbolt Squadron’s 1st Sergeant for several months before setting his sights on military service. Frye enlisted in the Army in March as a Practical Nurse, hoping to combine his altruistic nature with his personal desire to defend freedom.

Basic Combat Training is a nine-week long period of instruction required for all Army enlistees. It encompasses a wide variety of subjects and skills to include physical fitness, Army knowledge, rifle marksmanship, cultural orientation, and basic military conduct. BCT is both physically and mentally taxing, but PVT Frye came away from it with a positive outlook. “It was great to get away from civilization, meet new people, work with some amazing cadre, and learn valuable skills… In the end, I expanded my knowledge on the military, leadership, and even basic people skills. It isn’t just [about] being a soldier. [BCT] molded me into a better person as well.”

For Cadets intending to follow in his footsteps, Frye had the following to say: “Definitely make sure this is what you want. CAP prepares you for a bit of the mental, but it is a whole lot more than than a little yelling every day. You need to be focused, patient, and determined. No matter what happens, you will mess up eventually. Learn to work as a team, move past mistakes, and always be open to learning… Make sure you enjoy yourself and take pride in the uniform you wear every day. You aren’t fighting just for America, or the Constitution. You are fighting for Liberty, Justice, and Peace. Take pride in knowing you are giving yourself to a great cause, and doing something less than 1 percent of people do."

Following successful completion of Basic Combat Training, new Soldiers are sent to Advanced Individual Training (AIT) in order to receive specialized instruction related to their job. In the coming days, PVT Frye will be relocated to Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, TX and begin his 55-week long AIT as an Army Nurse. After completing his training, Frye hopes to be stationed at the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany, where he would treat American combat casualties returning from the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.