We are a Civil Air Patrol composite squadron consisting of cadets (ages 12 - 18 yrs) and senior members (ages 18 +) who volunteer to perform search and rescue (SAR) activities, fire watch, disaster response, photo missions, and other emergency response and training activities.

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We are located at the McKinney National Airport in McKinney, Texas. To see a map of where we meet click here.


December 1, 2014



As of now we have been given until the end of December as our move out time. Although we have been given another month, we are currently still looking for a new home. Right now we have about 2 or 3 places we're working on. The goal is of course, is to find something suitable and more permanent. Meanwhile, we will still be having our weekly meetings. Please visit our calendar frequently, to check for updates. Emails will also be sent out as well, so please check your in-boxes! We thank you for your patience during the moving process, and we especially want to thank the City of Mckinney for allowing us to stay at the airport for as long as we did.



Sign up for the Texas Wing Winter Encampment!
The Texas Wing and encampment staff are now taking applications for those who want to participate in this year's winter encampment. Winter Encampment will be held from 28 Dec 2014 to 4 Jan 2015 at Camp Swift near Bastrop, TX. This is an excellent opportunity for cadets to learn the basics of CAP in a military environment. All cadets must be at least in the grade of C/ Amn and be safety current. For more information, and to sign up click here.

Seniors: You may attend as well. Wing could sure use your help! For more information please
click here.

After you sign up, please send an email to 1st Lt Nathan Touvell, to say you'll be going. Thank you and we hope to see you at the winter encampment!