We are a Civil Air Patrol composite squadron consisting of cadets (ages 12 - 18 yrs) and senior members (ages 18 +) who volunteer to perform search and rescue (SAR) activities, fire watch, disaster response, photo missions, and other emergency response and training activities.

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We are located at the McKinney National Airport in McKinney, Texas. To see a map of where we meet click here.


July 7, 2014


The votes are in! PT will now be on Saturdays.

A survey was recently taken by all members in the squadron. This was to possibly change our PT times to Saturday morning rather than Sunday afternoon, due to the warmer weather. Well the votes came in with 60% voting YES and 40% voting NO. So PT Sunday, will now be PT Saturday, starting Saturday August 2nd at 0800. This will be our regular meeting as well for the week, so there will be no meeting on the following Sunday. This new schedule change is for PT only, all other meetings will still be on Sunday. Also, when the weather cools back down, we will change the PT day back to Sundays. Thank you to all who voted!


U.S. House approves CAP Congressional Gold Medals
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